How it all began – Part 2

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Stories

1997 he Department of Public Works informed the Teales of their intention to sell (by public auction!) the land the Cape Sports Center was situated on. This was to happen in the middle of their busy season!

Antony and Esti knew that they couldn’t compete with buyers who might have been prepared to pay lots of money for a plot on the beach, but the existence of their business was dependent on the access to the water!

At the same time, beach erosion was becoming a serious problem along the Langebaan beach front, and the lawn in front of the center was flooded frequently. A plan to solve the problem (later by introducing the groins) was not in place. Although an irritation, it did not create a serious threat to the shed-like building with a sand floor. It would not, however, do for a luxurious beach house that other buyers might have had in mind.

An article or two in the media and some pamphlets that were distributed among potential buyers, on the day of the auction, communicated this state of affairs and there was little appetite for the land from other buyers. The Teales won the bid at a very reasonable price and the budding enterprise was safe – or so they thought.


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