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Our mission

We are a team of dedicated windsurfing and kite surfing enthusiasts who want to share our experience, passion and our location with you!


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Windsurfing has been around for as long as most of us can remember. And this high adrenaline sport is made available to you at one of the the World’s best equipped water-sports centres.

Langebaan offers ideal learning conditions as well as out and out high speed flat water blasting.

Within 15 minutes drive, Langebaan has some incredible wave sailing and as with the lagoon, strong, steady winds. The centres’ fully stocked retail store has the latest in windsurfing goods and a huge selection of ex-rental and 2nd had equipment to purchase.

The centre also plays host to the German Surf magazine’s equipment tests as well as being on the site of the 1995 World Production Championships.

Come and take a look at what you could be doing tomorrow..

Windsurfing Lesson Rates

Beginner - One on One lesson

Beginners Equipment
1 on 1 

2 hours- R 1 050
2 x 2 hours – R 1 850
3 x 2 hours – R 2 520

Intermediate - Our equipment

Cape Sport Equipment
1 on 1

2 hours- R700
2 x 2 hours – R1150
3 x 2 hours – R1680

Beginner - 2 or more persons

Beginners Equipment
2 or more p. p.

2 hours- R 900
2 x 2 hours – R 1 550
3 x 2 hours – R 2 160

Intermediate - Own equipment

Own Equipemnt
1 on 1

2 hours- R800
2 x 2 hours – R1350
3 x 2 hours – R1920

Windsurfing Booking Form

14 + 13 =

Our contact number for queries: +2722772 1114

Windsurfing Rental Equipment

Partnership rate at 30% in addition to the normal rate.
All pricing in ZAR

Board & Rigg Rand/Rack Rate

2 hours R1170
1 day R1620
2 days R2520
3 days R3060
4 days R3600
5 days R4140
6 days R4770
7 days R4770
8 days R5310
9 days R5850
10 days R6300
11 days R6750
12 days R7200
13 days R7560
14 days R7560
15 days R7920
16 days R8280
17 days R8640
18 days R9000
19 days R9360
20 days R9720
21 days R9720


Board & Rigg Foiling Rand/Rack Rate

2 hours R1390
1 day R1940
2 days R3020
3 days R3570
4 days R4320
5 days R4960
6 days R5720
7 days R5720
8 days R6370
9 days R7020
10 days R7560
11 days R8100
12 days R8640
13 days R9070
14 days R9070
15 days R9500
16 days R9930
17 days R10368
18 days R10800
19 days R11230
20 days R11660
21 days R11660



Are you searching a fun and uplifting kitesurfing group lesson, private hours or do you just want to rent equipment from various brands? We have it for you right here.

Keen to meet your expectations, we’ve got the newest equipment for you and we offer access to several well-known kitesurfing brands like Core, Duotone, Brunotti, Levitaz Kitefoils, TBL and soon many more!

Experience this magical and idyllic place and become a part of a unique lifestyle with all the marvellous and fascinating adventures on and off the water.

Kitesurf Lesson Rates

Beginner - Full Private Course - R6400

Full beginner private course
1 on 1 – Max 1 Person

2 – 4 days / 8 hours

Course Content:
Set-up & Safety system
First Piloting on
Flysurfer Viron
(premium trainer kite)
Piloting of Tubekites
Bodydrags & Boardwork

Basic 1 - Beginners VDWS LO-1: 2-4 people - R1350

Beginners VDWS LO-1
2-4 people – 2:1 kite

1 day / 3 hours

This is your foundation & a great and safe way to find out if this sport is for you.

Course Content:
Piloting on our premium trainer kites
(flysurfer viron, 4-linesand depower system)
Safety & Set-up Tubekite

Possibility to continue & start with basic 2.
(Please notify us before your lesson begin so we can schedule/plan)

Basic 2 - Beginners VDWS L1-2: 2 people - R3800

Beginners VDWS L1-2
Max 2 people

2-3 days / 8 hours

Deepen and strengthen your fresh foundation

Course Content:
First flying off a tubekite,
Safety on the water,
Bodydrags downwind & upwind,
Waterstart & boardwork

Usually 2 days, but as we’re wind dependant it could be that you’re faster or a bit slower.
We have to keep it to the wind.

Advanced - Advanced Kiters VDWS L3: 2 people - R1800

Advanced Kiters VDWS L3
Max. 2 people

2 day / 4 hours

We take you to your next step!

Course Content:
How to stay and go upwind,
First transitions,
Chop hops,
First jumps or even rotations


Basic 1 and 2 - R4950

Basic 1
1 day / 3 hours
2 – 4 people

Basic 2
2 days / 8 hours
Max. 2 people

Kitesurf Booking Form

3 + 6 =

Our contact number for queries: +2722772 1114

Kiteboarding Rental Equipment

Rental prices day to day and not necessarily consecutive days.


For best viewing experience use a desktop computer.

R200 cleaning deposit on all rentals 1 Day 2 Days (10%) 3 Days (10%) 4 Days (15%) 5 Days (15%) 6 Days (20%) 7 Days (23%) 10 Days (23%) 14 Days (35%)
Rental Assessment 500 Our Rentals are for experienced kiters only VDWS Level 5/IKO Level 3K (going upwind)
We want to make sure, you’re getting the best possible kitesurfing adventure. You’ll get to know the spot, the tides, the wind conditions, the do’s and don’ts of the lagoon. Of course we want to make sure as well, that you’re an independent kiter who’s able to rent our gear. Please note, if you’re not yet independent (going upwind), your booked rental turns automatically into a lesson (see lesson rates).
Half Day (2,5H) 900  Please request, subject to capacity



Full Kit
(kit, bar, board, harness, wetsuit)
1300 2300 3500 4400 5500 6240 7000 9950 11800
Kite, bar & board 1200 2160 3250 4080 5100 5760 6450 9200 10900
Kite & bar 1000 1800 2700 3400 4250 4800 5400 7700 9100
Hydrofoil (95cm or 55cm mast) 900 1080 1620 2040 2550 2900 3230 4600 5460
Twin tip or Directional 600 1080 1620 2040 2550 2900 3230 4600 5460
Bar 400 720 1080 1360 1700 1920 2150 3080 3640
Wetsuit 200 360 540 680 850 960 1100 1540 1820
Harness 200 360 540 680 850 960 1100 1540 1820



Surfing is the oldest form of wave riding! Even though it is the oldest it is still the most popular!

The Cape Sport Center is fortunate enough to be located near the mouth of the Langebaan Lagoon which allows you to be able to surf and body board in front of our center.

This is a unique position as the waves which we get are not too powerful and have little or no currents. This location is therefore an ideal place for children and adults to learn how to surf or body board.

Lesson and Rental Pricing

SUP Lessons

Per person 1 hour R550
Per person 2 hours R950
Per person 6 hours R2600

SUP Rentals

1 hour R150
2 hours R250
1 day R395
1 week R1750

SUP & Surf Booking Form

14 + 15 =

Our contact number for queries: +2722772 1114

Surf Board Rentals

1 hour R195
2 hours R275
1 day R495
1 week R1695

Body Board Rentals

1 hour R60
2 hours R80
1 day R130

Package: Body Board & Wetsuit

1 hour R130
2 hours R190
1 day R250


Come and explore Langebaan at a leisurely pace as you take a paddle on our lagoon.

Whether for 2 hours or a day, discover the sights and sounds of the West Coast at its most beautiful.

The Lagoon and surrounding waters offer some incredible paddling experiences and a host of flora and fauna can be seen.

We can accommodate groups of up to 24 people, kayaking is an ideal team building activity.

Our BIC Kayaks are very stable (sit on type) and sea worthy, no prior experience in kayaking is required. The double Kayak is big enough to fit 2 adults and one child.

Kayak Rentals

Double kayak (incl. float vest)

Single Kayak 2 hours R295
Single Kayak 1 day R395
Single Kayak 1 week R1595
Single Kayak 2 weeks R175

Double kayak (incl. float vest)

Double Kayak 2 hours R395
Double Kayak 1 day R495
Double Kayak 1 week R2795
Double Kayak 2 weeks R4155

Kayak accessories

Paddle 2 hours R85
Paddle 1 day R120
Swim vest 2 hours R60
Swim vest 1 day R100

Kayak Rental Booking Form

13 + 12 =

Our contact number for queries: +2722772 1114



Lockdown challenge

To all our friends With our blog, we would like to reach out to all our clients and friends. The last weeks and months were most likely not easy on any one of us. We would love to hear from you, to find out how YOU are. Please write to us and tell us how you and your family are keeping. We are...


Windsurfing – How to choose the right board and sail

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Windsurfing – How to choose the right board and sail

This is a topic that has been discussed many many times in...


stay with us

Puza Moya

Across the road from the beach, 90 m from the cape sports centre you will find Puza Moya nestled into a quiet neighbourhood. A carefully sculpted garden with plenty of trees welcomes you to the cool and serene accommodation.

You will have access to our private courtyard, kitchen and dining facilities.




Esti is the connection between Wunderbar, Cape Sports and the Puza Moya Guest House.

With her team she will be making sure that any queries or concern you may have before, during or after your stay are dealt with.



Antony has been in the Windsurfing Industry since the early days.

His passion for the sport shows in his perfectionism when it comes to kitting out his clients and trimming equipment. As the founder of the company Antony keeps the interest of his clients at heart.



Irene is also a long term team member and is in charge of the accommodation side as well as all-rounder for rental and merchandising matters.

Anything you might need to know about the where and what of Langebaan, Irene will have the answer.



Lilian is the talented hand that keeps our shop looking fresh and neat.

But as all of us at the Cape Sports Center, Lilian will be able to make you a great Cappuccino at Wunderbar as well as  help you find the right accommodation, or choose the perfect wetsuit.


Rental office manageress and Instructor

Rosie has been with us for the second year and we made sure our rental office is running smoothly. Rosie is also an excellent windsurfing instructor.

It is a great help to have a competent team member manning (womaning?) the station.


Wunderbar is the bar with an unspoiled view of the lagoon, where you want to spend some quality time with your friends or meet like minded, enjoying a great coffee, a refreshing beer or a good glass of wine…

Wunderbar is open every day from 9am to sundown and closed during June & July.

We serve the best cocktails, light snacks, coffee, tea and speciality cakes.

Call us on 021 206 5337





Lynn has been taken Wunderbar under her wings since the opening in 2017.

She is the heart and soul of the Bar and there is no other way but to love her.

With a refreshing laugh she keeps our client happy and well looked after.



Anel is a Langebaan local and one of our friendly Wunderbar waitresses. 


Wunderbar hostess

Maddy is our much loved help when in need. Our Wunderbar hostess /your friend/your chef.

Her warm smile and jovial personality really compliments the Wunderbar.



Natali has been with us since December 2019 and celebrated her 21st birthday with us.

Having been working in one of the bigger restaurants in town she knows the trade well, we appreciate her calm and friendly personality.





Kitchen and Waitress




Natasha is working miracles in our tiny kitchen. When all hell is loose, the meals keep coming out of this kitchen hatch at a pace, one can only wonder how it is all possible.

From day one part of the Wunderbar family she has had a real change around in her private life. We are proud to have her with us as part of our team.


Sous Chef

Jacky is our smiley face sharing the challenging task of preparing foods and beverages in our tiny kitchen.

Nothing can phase Jacky, her moto really is one thing after the other, this is Africa, so keep calm and be happy.

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