We are excited to announce that for the first time this year Kitecity International will be our partner on the kite surfing side.

Manageress Anastasia Frommert is bringing in a brilliant and qualified team with both, years of experience and the passion for water sports, which they will want to share with you.

Are you searching a fun and uplifting kitesurfing group lesson, private hours or do you just want to rent equipment from various brands? We have it for you right here.

Keen to meet your expectations, we’ve got the newest equipment for you and we offer access to several well-known kitesurfing brands like Core, Duotone, Brunotti, Levitaz Kitefoils, TBL and soon many more!

Whether you’re just starting your kite surfing career, working on your water starts to be able to score your first meters on the water, or already developed your unique riding style and want to improve your moves, our enthusiastic team is helping you to achieve your goals. Experience this magical and idyllic place and become a part of a unique lifestyle with all the marvellous and fascinating adventures on and off the water.

Message from our manager, Anastasia Frommert from Kitecity International

It was our mission to find for you the most magical spot around the globe, where you are sure to spend YOUR unique kite surfing holiday. We know your vacation is your most precious time of the year and you want to make sure your trip “down South” is going to be a lifetime experience you’ll never forget.

Langebaan is only 1 hours’ drive from the “mother city” Cape Town –a mere 100 km up the West Coast you find our pristine, small Town of Langebaan, the place we call home. Within our peak-season months October till March you can discover that town itself and the surroundings, offer various kite surfing spots, each of them with its different conditions but mostly with reliable and consistent wind.

Cape Sports Center Langebaan has chosen the best location to build a watersport station, situated directly on the shores of the stunning Langebaan lagoon, overlooking flat waters, dazzling the eye with its different shades of turquoise-blue and a white sandy beach.

Due to the short distances to several spots like North beach (right in front of our center, surf & windsurf spot), Main Beach (flat and deep water, just a couple of hundred meters away), Shark Bay (a stunning shallow water spot, reminding you a bit of the Caribbean and got its name from the harmless sand sharks that can be found there) or Club Mykonos (around 5 km away, beautiful downwind destination with waves), we certainty know there is the right spot for everyone, regardless your level.

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