Kitesurfing lessons through the Cape Sports Center offers Kitesurfing (Kiteboarding) lessons from beginners to advanced.

Cape Sports Center is located on the safe shores of the Langebaan Lagoon, the spot is well known world wide to be one of the kiteboader’s dream and ideal for kitesurfing lessons.

Clean, consistent winds and flat, warm waters make this South Africa’s premier kitesurfing destination. As the first kiteboarding school in Langebaan, the Cape Sports Center is still one of the best school facilities for kitesurfing lessons.

The lagoon offers a perfect location for kiteboarding tuition  and with our well qualified Gaastra & Naish Kitesurfing equipment, organised infrastructure ( Wunderbar for food and drinks ) and ideal conditions where else would you want to go.

Kite Boarding Lessons

Basic 1

First part of our group beginner module – 3 Hours / 1 Day / 

2-4 People 2:1 kite 

R 1350 

Beginner VDWS L0-1

  •  This is your foundation and also a great and safe way to find out if this amazing sport is for you!
  • First piloting on our premium Trainerkites (Flysurfer Viron, 4-lines and depower system); theory; safety & set up Tubekite
  • Possibility to continue and start with Basic 2 afterwards, please approach us before your lesson starts, so we can plan it into our system

Basic 2

Second part of our group beginner module –
8 Hours / ~ 2 Days / maximum 2 people 

R 3600

Beginner VDWS L1-2


  • Deepen and strenghten your fresh foundation
  • First flying of a Tubekite, safety on the water, Bodydrags downwind & upwind, waterstart & boardwork
  • Usually 2 days, but as we’re wind depended, it could be that you’re doing it faster or a bit slower. We’ve got to keep it to the wind

Basic 1 & 2

B1 & B2 / 11 hours

B1 (3 Hours / 1 Day / 2-4 People)

B2 (8 Hours / ~ 2 Days / Max 2 people)

R 4950


4 Hours / 1 Day / maximum 2 people /

R  1800

Advanced kiters VDWS L3

  •  We take you to your next step! 
  • Waterstart, boardwork, how to stay and go upwind, first transitions, Chop Hops, first jumps or even rotations

Group Lessons/ Private hours

Group lesson rate:

R 450 p.h/p.p / minimum of 2 hours

 Private hours:

R 800 p.h / minimum of 2 hours

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