Is E-Foiling dangerous?

It’s very safe, equipped with a built-in prop guard and a Bluetooth handheld controller that automatically stops the eFoil when you fall off.

What does your first two hours of a Wingfoiling lesson include?

In your first two hours of Wingfoiling, you’ll start by learning to fly the wing on land. Following this, you’ll transition to the water using a beginner windsurf board. Here, you’ll practice steering the board using the wing and wind.

How cold is the water and what thickness wetsuit do I need?

The water temperature can vary between 16-22 degrees Celsius. 4mm Wetsuit is required – we supply all necessary gear.

Where can you check for wind speed and directions online?

You can use the weather station that is located at our Centre (wind2speed.africa) or you can use other weather stations such as Windy or Windguru and look under area Langebaan.

Why is it advisable to use a Deviator for Windsurfing?

A deviator protects the nose of a board from damages caused by the Mast or Boom falling forward. You are responsible for any damages that occur to the board and sail while being used by you.

What is an E-Foil?

An E-Foil is an electrically powered hydrofoil that uses an electric motor and a handheld controller for speed adjustment. It enables riders to glide above the water’s surface, combining the excitement of surfing with the ability to fly over the water.

Can I use the same wing for different wind conditions?

Yes, most wings are designed to be versatile and can be used across a range of wind speeds. Smaller wings are suitable for stronger winds, providing more power and speed, while larger wings are better for lighter winds, offering easier handling and stability.

How old must I be to learn kitesurfing?

We have taught individuals as young as 12, as long as they can swim and fit our safety equipment.

When is our season time?

Beginning October – mid April

What are the best conditions?

The ideal conditions in Langebaan include steady winds ranging from 12 to 25+ knots, typically blowing from the south-east or south directions. This ensures a more consistent wind speed for an enjoyable experience.

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