Business Management


One of the business founders and head staff. Building up the Cape Sports Centre from scratch was a welcoming change from a pretty boring life in Switzerland. Loves seeing new sports growing but still a windsurfer at heart.


The head founder and Windsurfing Guru. Still at the business at times he is now more likely to be found with his Adventure bikes. The equipment knowledge though will not be lost and handed down to the new generation.


Head of school and admin section. Liesa studied tourism in Switzerland and just moved back to support the family. She is still finding her preferred water sport.

School Management


Owns the kite school and is very much involved into the Winging side of the business. She has been with Cape Sports since 2019. Together with her partner Byron and daughter Nakisa, they also are running a kite school in Holland during summer, check them out in B


Is in charge of Windsurfing side and also is a Winging Pro. Ray is a man of the first hour in Windsurfing Kitesurfing and Winging, manufacturing his own kite- and wing-boards, check out Long Ocean boards


Our right hand man in charge of repairs and maintenance. With us for 10 years Paulos has learnt all there is to know about our equipment.



Partner of Ana, is not only a senior kite instructor but also teaches Wingfoiling with great care to details not missing out on the fun of it.

Paul & Chad

Paul (right) is our local kite and surfing instructor. He went from zero to hero within three years and is now a fully qualified IKO instructor. His brother Chad (left), not far behind, just in years, will soon step up into his brother’s footsteps, for now he is our surfing instructor.


Was running our Shark Bay station this season. She is also a dedicated Kite Surfer going on tour in Europe this summer. Alessa will be looking after our Instagram account and is our multimedia marketing consultant.

Open chat
Need help?
Hi there, kindly note that our business hours are: Mon – Sunday: 9am – 6pm. Our Wunderbar is open everyday: 9am – till sundown. For Kitesurfing and Wingfoiling inquiries, message us on +270607794535.