Secret season in Langebaan

by | Jul 11, 2022 | News, Stories

Cape sports center

cape sports centerIt’s Winter in Langebaan

We are in the middle of our winter season in Langebaan and we love every minute of it. When, during Covid season, I spent my first winter, after many years, in Langebaan, I was absolutely stunned by what I experienced. Instead of gloomy and dark winter days, I was able to spend loads of time in nature, where colours were permanently changing from grey, to white and pink and yellow.

Let’s talk about the weather first and get a feel of what you might experience, should you take a chance to visit us during the secret season. Do not expect the usual wind for your waters sport, instead enjoy the warm sunny days on quiet beaches, inviting you to take long walks along the dunes just north of Langebaan or even tan for an hour or two during the day, when the temperatures more often than not reach the mid-twenties. Cape Sports Center

On a calm day on the water, grab a Kayak or an SUP and explore the lagoon, and when after a storm the waves are breaking right in front of the Sport Center, get hold of body board or surfboard and “get wet”.

We do experience some cold and wet weather too, bringing us the precious rainfall, keeping us cuddled up inside near a fire or friendly place in good company.

Never underestimate the pleasure you can get from a well prepared Cappuccino made with love and served with a smile. At Wunderbar you can enjoy the view and savour your Liquid Gold, soaking up the morning sun that usually show up after a storm. The nights can be crisp in winter, and the stars are even more mesmerising than in summer. Keep out the chill with the warm winter woollies and sheep skin boots, when you are taking your last glance at the starry sky, before climbing under your feathery duvets.

You might have heard about our endless load shedding episodes. Fortunately at the Center, Wunderbar and the Guest House we got solar power now and are able to maintain the power supply steady throughout the blackouts.

Let’s see what spring is going to bring our way, so stay in touch with us, we also always love hearing from you, drop us a line, or even better, come and visit us 🙂

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