Lockdown challenge

by | May 4, 2020 | News

To all our friends

With our blog, we would like to reach out to all our clients and friends. The last weeks and months were most likely not easy on any one of us. We would love to hear from you, to find out how YOU are. Please write to us and tell us how you and your family are keeping.

We are aware that this coming season might be a quiet one, and depending on the re-opening of air traffic and of course, other factors, some of you will (have to) stay at home, experiencing their own beautiful countries. We would like to stay in touch, and if we can’t see you in person, let’s use technology to do so.

The Cape Sports Center is facing the biggest crises since we started in 1993. There were lots of ups and downs and I will gradually share some of them with you. The difference to all the other challenges we have been facing up to now is, that this time around we are depending on more than our own willingness to ride out the storm, or in this case, sit out the calm.

Our biggest trial will be to keep our staff on the payroll. South Africa is not a country where salaries allow for rainy days savings, and we are aware that our patronage is counted on.  We are also busy with some changes to the structure of our business and some minor revamping.

There is still another trial coming our way. Winter in South Africa is and has been extremely difficult for countless families of lower income or no income at all. On top of too little warm clothing and too little blankets, etc. this year there will be a serious shortage of food.  I have reliable and honest contacts I will be using to contribute anything we (you) can spare.

We are determined to do our utmost, to stay committed to our communities, our staff but also to you. For when times have changed again, we are able to welcome you back as members of our cape sports and Wunderbar Family, and to share our piece of Paradise with you.

South Africa will always remain the destination you come to, to experience diversity, hospitality, the sun, the sea, and much, much more. With us, you will find a safe base, where you can be sure to find someone to call upon, when information, traveling recommendations, medical help, or just an open ear is needed.

We are aware that some of you will not be able to make the trip this season, be assured we are here to stay, so there will be another time for you to come and visit. In any case, we can’t wait to have you back.

Stay safe and keep well

esti and antony teale


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