by | Feb 29, 2020 | News

On Wednesday afternoon our employees’ dwelling in Langebaan Hopland burned down to the ground and all his possessions and belongings burned with it. Paulos has been working for us for many years, first as a gardener and now as our right-hand man at the business’ rental section.

Paulos is a well-appreciated member of our Cape Sports Center team and every visitor will remember his happy and gentle nature. Needless to say, once his trouble became known, all his colleagues, some of our long-term guests and even our children in Switzerland, started collecting money to help Paulos build and furnish a new home.

We were truly overwhelmed with how quickly and without question, the money was raised to buy a small wooden home, with money to spare for all the extras needed to make the new space habitable.

One thing truly and proudly South African, is the fact that we all look out for one another. If someone is in trouble, we will, without hesitation or question, pitch in to help. This is certainly one reason why living in South Africa still makes sense.

Lately, I was made aware of a very strong trend towards #ImStaying (visit the Facebook page and smile, some of the posts are legendary). Become part of #ImStaying, choose South Africa to be your next holiday destination or make it the place to spend your golden years. Should you choose Langebaan we look forward to being there for you. BECAUSE! We are here to stay 😉

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