DJ Snake at the Wunderbar

by | Jan 6, 2020 | News

DJ Snake SA has been a regular entertainer at Wunderbar (and Kalmer Karma  before) for the last 5 years.

His Sunday afternoon sessions are legend and if you ever get a chance to join, you will definitely be rewarded with not only good vibes, amazing sound but also the best Sunsets.

Wunderbar offers the ideal venue to meet, chill and enjoy with an ice cold beer, a glass of wine or one of our special cocktails.

Christoph Koch Alias Snake SA, has made it a mission to share his passion with other like-minded. If you want to hear more or follow him go to

You can book him for private sessions but make sure you book well in advance. By now he has gigs all-over Cape Town and has gotten offers in Switzerland and Holland.

What makes Snake so special? Although he is an entertainer on the rise he has kept his polite and humble personality. He is likeable, approachable and just one of us local yokels. We are stoked to have him playing at Wunderbar, for dates and updates follow us on Instagram @wunderbar_langebaan.


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