A New Aera

by | Jun 3, 2020 | News

As from Monday the 1st of June, an ‘almost’ normality has settled in, on our lives in South Africa. For us at the Cape Sports Center this means that our shop is open again and our Wunderbar is allowed to sell takeaway coffee and cakes.

With having some drastic regulations lifted now, our spirits have lifted too. We are super motivated and excited to get back into connecting with our clients who over the years have turned into friends. The Lockdown made us all realize how precious relations are, and how we are relying on valuable conversations, not only with our closest families and friends but also with our clients no matter if once-off or regular. The word gratitude has become one a word, and practice more used than ever, we certainly want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you, WITHOUT YOU WE WOULD NOT BE HERE.

We are busy figuring out ways to make your stay with us even more pleasant and comfortable once you are allowed to come back. For which we hope and pray it will be soon. There are some ideas from our side but we would appreciate getting your feedback too, to guide us onto the right track. Please send us an e-mail using one of our buttons on the web site.

One thing though we would like to assure you, is that we will try and re-introduce normality as much as we are able to. Living in Langebaan and holidaying on the West Coast has one huge big plus; we have lots and lots of space to play and to move around. Just thinking of destinations where you fight for your place to launch your kite or windsurfing equipment, where you are laying on the beach one deck chair next to the other and where restaurants are crowded to the brim. Not here, not in this part of the world ;-).

On walks along our pristine beaches you might be finding yourself, if not alone then almost so. Hiking and biking in our nearby National Park is a lonely affair, visiting the northern part of our West Coast is still such an insider tip that you find yourself almost pioneering, when venturing upcountry.

We can’t wait to have you and your friends back and share our Lagoon and environment with you. Let’s stay connected 🙂

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